PowerShell is a Powerful scripting Language. It is a Language which leverages Dot Net Framework and its Modules.

PowerShell was introduced by Microsoft in the year 2006. Since then it has no looking back. It kept updating through various versions from 1.0 till PowerShell 7.0 till date. With the advent, PowerShell kept adding various modules to support different Workloads offered by Microsoft. PowerShell supports various modules like Exchange On-Premise , Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, Windows, Active Directory, Azure AD, Azure, Windows and so on.

The vast range of support to various services/workload makes PowerShell more attractive to use it for Scripting and Automating various tasks which would take too much of time or won’t be possible at all without using PowerShell. Microsoft has emphasized use of PowerShell. This is evident from the fact that there are various tasks which can be performed through PowerShell but not through GUI equivalent.

When it comes to deal with large data and perform an operation on big chunk of data, PowerShell comes as a Savior. Just imagine updating Department of thousands of users in your organization and that too within an hour! Or, pulling information about 10000 users when management needs it at short notice.

Don’t worry! PowerShell is at your rescue. And Good news is that PowerShell also supports GUI based Objects like Forms, Menu, Data and Time picker etc. . PowerShell is an Object-Oriented Language.

What makes it so astonishing is that you can even run your Java and C# code with help of classes. Yes, PowerShell supports Classes. Fantastic! Isn’t it?

This blog will help you learn PowerShell from beginning. It will be easier for you if you go step-by-step in learning. In case you already know basics of PowerShell, this blog will act as a source of revision for you. Though its advised to follow the blog step-by-step to maintain the rhythm and continuity, you may choose to skip the content if its repetitive for you. Link for Videos will be provided wherever possible.

A very important part in this journey will be Practice. You are suggested to keep practicing each and every concept on your Desktop. PowerShell is easily available nowadays. In fact, it ships with most Windows Versions today. Once you go through a topic, Practice and get your own result. Do your own experiments in a lab environment to explore and navigate.

Wish you a happy and fun scripting!